~ C.E. Schwilk ~ Society, It Smells Like Meat

An omnivore attempting vegetarianism, a writer attempting to get published, just another person just trying to stay out of jail.

WIP: (chick lit)

Working title: Making Mary Jingle

Summary: Mary Ellen Jingle is at a crossroads with her fun but stagnant salesclerk job, her directionless life, even her caring boyfriend Theo, and she finds herself daydreaming about being someone other than Mary Jingle. In her imagined life, she is Super Cheese Girl – defender of all that is good, gaining her super-powers from various cheeses.

Mary is nothing, if not inventive.

Excerpt: (from the mind of Mary Jingle, herself)

Where were the ticker-tape parades? Where was my big moment of adulthood? Although I’m opposed scarification and other violent rites of passage, I feel we’ve lost something in the supposed “maturing” of our culture. If all I really got to look forward to is the possibility of marriage and/or making babies, and all I got to remember is having my best friend Monya hold my hair while I puked my brains out three years ago for my very first alcoholic birthday – I’m screwed. This can’t be all there is and I’m deeply disappointed.

Another excerpt: (this time from the Super-Cheese Girl portion)

In fact, thanks to her strict regiment of dairy products and plenty of exercise – Super-Cheese Girl was not only strong, but striking! She had golden, shoulder-length curls that recall beautifully aged sharp, smoked cheddar with wisps of hair framing her heart-shaped face. Although Super-Cheese Girl always wore a mask to hide her identity, the mask couldn’t hide her blue eyes, which were bluer than the blue parts of bleu cheese. The luscious red cape that graced her shoulders enhanced her slim, yet curvy, frame (eating that much cheese does that to you, you know – which is another good reason for all the exercising, but for Super-Cheese Girl this wasn’t as much a problem as you may suspect).

All excerpts within this blog are unedited, unpolished pieces of poo. I have no idea how much of it will be in the final draft, but the work is still mine – so I would like a polite and respectful request if you’d like to reprint something from here. Please ask first. I’m pretty accommodating.

Secondly, as real as I’m trying to write this, it is still a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to those persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Lastly, feel free to give your opinions, critiques, accolades, and fangirl/boy’ing – I’ll take it all. However, I reserve the right to delete any comments as I see fit. Mainly, if you’re rude and vulgar without any good reason, you will not be welcome here. Keep your shirts on and we’ll all be good.


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